Shapypro. Shape your Project

Areas of activity

.SHAPYPRO was created thinking about integral services in the areas of:

  • Antiseptics and chemical disinfectants as well as cosmetics.
  •  Medical devices.
  •  Food and quality.

Therefore, we are able to offer a full service in addition to help to shape idea and make your dreams real.

For that, we have a wide variety of qualified and professional staff, whom can guide during the all process through fluid and quality communication, adapting to your request.

The proficiency testing programs: SHAPYPRO organized aptitude program for the antiseptics and chemical disinfectants industry. Besides, SHAPYPRO provides personalized programs, based on active communication with our client as well as huge network with more than 2000 laboratories. We capable of organize aptitude programs with statistical significance that add value to your project, in this way you can benefit from the maintenance and expansion of your accreditation according to ISO 17025.

Quality area: offer a comprehensive consulting services in certifications, accreditations, quality systems, GxP’s, Ecolabels, BRC´s, HACCP´s, develop of Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) and follow up audits. With us, you can achieve as solid quality system.

SHAPYPRO does not offer preparation services for the certification of management systems. All consulting activities provided by SHAPYPRO are independent of certification/accreditation activities.