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Clinical safety studies and evaluations

PATCH TEST skin compatibility test its objective is t


o verify the good skin compatibility of a cosmetic product, in adult volunteers under maximised conditions.

OPEN TEST skin compatibility test aims to assess the skin, ocular or peri-ocular acceptability of a cosmetic product, applied under normal conditions of use, on human volunteers. Verification of the absence of irritation and/or discomfort reactions (physical and functional signs) related to the investigational product. It can be under dermatological, ophthalmological, gynaecological, paediatric control…

Cutaneous Acceptability Test USE TEST its objective is to assess the cutaneous acceptability of a cosmetic product.

Final Clinical Safety Test (TCFS): Skin Sensitisation Test (former HRIPT) its objective is to check the absence of irritant and sensitising skin potential of a product.

Photo Irritation and/or Photo Sensitisation: its objective is to check the absence of photo-irritant and photo-sensitising potential of a product.

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