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Monitoring audits

The objective of the monitoring audits is the evaluation of General Management Quality System according to certification, accreditation or Quality Management System integrated.

SHAPYPRO develops innovative monitoring system, we are able to perform remotely with only one person of your team as interlocutor.

Based on our expertise, we are aware of that people of the team who work daily with the same quality management system tend to lost the critical capacity. Our Mission is to detect findings which you cannot see, due to your close relationship with the system. In case of we detected any indecencies, we can help you to implant correction and preventive actions accordingly as well as work together until the issues are solved. Working with SHAPYPRO will provide value to your system and cost-saving to your management system quality at the same time.

There are many reasons we can guarantee success in your organisation:

Emotional independence with the team work Imparciality
Bad habits elimination
Sector expertise

The quality area or department of an organization is responsible for establishing the guidelines to be followed in the development of a company’s processes as well as be the one which directly in contact with all the employees. In quality, objectivity in the execution of the work is especially important because without it, the results have not value. For this reason, SHAPYPRO firmly believe that this area should be outsourced in all cases, because this will provide