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Shapypro is a service company specialising in process evaluation and improvement for biotechnology laboratories, and support for compliance with requirements necessary for the commercialisation of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. It offers Proficiency testing Programs (laboratory intercomparison) in order to help demonstrating the technical and analytical competence of biotech laboratories at an international level. In addition, specialised professional accompaniment and analytical control.

Proficiency testing programs

Benefits of proficiency testing programs The proficiency testing programs are widely using for different purposes. The laboratory intercomparison comply with the quality requirements of the laboratories and are strategy part of quality system. Likewise, a...
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Regulatory Consultancy

Regulatory consultancy for cosmetic registration in the EU Marketing a cosmetic product in the European Union is not a complicated task, but there are some important aspects to take into account when it comes to...
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Quality service

Quality service at Good Manufacturing Practices We advise and implement the requirements described in the Good Manufacturing Practices Manual for cosmetic products with our quality service, so that your company can demonstrate the quality and...
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Shapypro News

Find out about the latest developments in the cosmetics and pharmaceuticals sector.

Challenge Test: Strengthening Preservative Efficacy

Preservative Efficacy: Everything You Need to Know - Challenge Test What are preservatives? Why should they be added to the formulation? What do they contribute...
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Cosmetic product claims: how to comply with the EU Regulation

Cosmetic claims are crucial in defining a cosmetic product and informing about its qualities, effects and characteristics. Claims are defined as every information that can...
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Ring trial test item

HOMOGENEITY of ring trial test items The homogeneity of a proficiency testing (PT) item, also known as a ring trial test item, is crucial to...
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