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SHAPYPRO | Company of integral services for laboratories

SHAPYPRO is a fresh company of integral services for laboratories funded by professionals in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, biotechnological, cosmetics, foods and Biocide industries.

The Project idea was performed keeping in mind a multidisciplinary research model that was been able to adapt any kind of project and requirements of our most demanding clients.

The market niches SHAPYPRO is targeting are:

Proficiency testing programs

Our programs aim to cover the necessities of our clients accredited or not according to EN-ISO 17025, who require to assure the quality of their analytics process. The development of specific methods as well as partnership with more than 2000 accredited laboratories (over 100 countries), which trust in our services, provide us the ability to adapt to the more demanding requirements.

Quality area

This area relies on experts in the different disciplines who are able to adapt to your particular project, offering consulting, support and guidance in addition to safety services and products in compliance with standards.

Regulatory department

Through the research and development has the leverage the most innovative advances in all sectors to shape your project.

R&D - Research and Development

Our laboratory area and thnaks to the partnership accredited laboratories network give us the possibility to offer a wide variety of trials focus on the efficacy, claims or quality control of your product at a very competitive price.

SHAPYPRO strategy

Shapypro is a service company specialising in process evaluation and improvement for biotechnology laboratories, and support for compliance with requirements necessary for the commercialisation of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. It offers Proficiency testing Programs (laboratory intercomparison) in order to help demonstrating the technical and analytical competence of biotech laboratories at an international level. In addition, specialised professional accompaniment and analytical control.

Areas of activity

SHAPYPRO was created thinking about integral services for laboratories in the areas of:


Antiseptics and chemical disinfectants.


 Medical devices.

 Food and quality.


Therefore, we are able to offer a full service in addition to help to shape idea and make your dreams real.

For that, we have a wide variety of qualified and professional staff, whom can guide during the all process through fluid and quality communication, adapting to your request.

The proficiency testing programs: SHAPYPRO organized aptitude program for the antiseptics and chemical disinfectants industry. Besides, SHAPYPRO provides personalized programs, based on active communication with our client as well as huge network with more than 2000 laboratories. We capable of organize aptitude programs with statistical significance that add value to your project, in this way you can benefit from the maintenance and expansion of your accreditation according to ISO 17025.

Quality area: offer a comprehensive consulting services in certifications, accreditations, quality systems, GxP’s, Ecolabels, BRC´s, HACCP´s, develop of Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) and follow up audits. With us, you can achieve as solid quality system.

Regulatory area: process evaluation, improvement, and compliance support in biotechnology laboratories for cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. SHAPYPRO offers regulatory affairs guidance for the registration of cosmetic products in Europe. Also we can act as European Responsible Persona on behalf of your company in order to ensure the compliance with the European Regulation. In addition, the company offers in vitro analysis (stability testing, compatibility testing, Challenge test, microbiological and chemical-physical analysis) as well as in vivo analysis to assess the tolerance and validate the claims of your cosmetics

Our team of experts in integral services for laboratories


Integral services for laboratories - Cristina Nieves
Cristina Nieves

Cristina Nieves

Entrepreneur in quality and biotechnology.

Specialist in process evaluation and improvement in biotechnology laboratories, coordination of inter-comparison testing to help demonstrate the technical and analytical competence of laboratories at an international level. In addition, specialised professional accompaniment and analytical control.
Enthusiastic about life, nature, and good work for a better world.



Integral services for laboratories - Nicola Carboni
Nicola Carboni

Nicola Carboni

Pharmaceutical Chemist and Cosmetologist.

Cosmetic product safety evaluator and senior consultant at national and international level.
I help companies in the cosmetics sector to boost their business through compliance with current regulations.
I am passionate about scientific dissemination, the mountains and good wine.




Integral services for laboratories - Mª Jose Valero
Mª Jose Valero

Mª Jose Valero

Chemical Engineer

Specialist in analytical methods development, R+D+i consulting and quality management systems.

Lover of reading, family gatherings and cultivating the mind by developing brain teasers.




Emilio López
Emilio López

Dr. Emilio López


Passionate about Data Science and statistical software and the R programming language ( Transferring knowledge from the University as a teacher and researcher. Leading transfer contracts in multidisciplinary teams and participating in international projects.

Generous and selfless, always willing to share knowledge.