Shapypro. Shape your Project


SHAPYPRO is a fresh company funded by professionals in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, biotechnological, cosmetics, foods and Biocide industries.

The Project idea was developed keeping in mind a multidisciplinary research model that was been able to adapt any kind of project and requirements of our most demanding clients.

  • Our proficiency testing programs aim to cover the necessities of our clients accredited or not according to EN-ISO 17025, who require to assure the quality of their analytics process. The development of specific methods as well as partnership with more than 2000 accredited laboratories (over 100 countries), which trust in our services, provide us the ability to adapt to the more demanding requirements.
  • Our quality area relies on experts in the different disciplines who are able to adapt to your particular project, offering consulting, support and guidance in addition to safety services and products in compliance with standards.
  • Regulatory department through the research and development has the leverage the most innovative advances in all sectors to shape your project.
  • R&D, Research and Development, the partnership accredited laboratories network give us the possibility to offer a wide variety of trials focus on the efficacy, claims or quality control of your product at a very competitive price.

SHAPYPRO strategy

Provider of integral solutions