Word Car Free Day! 

At SHAPYPRO we are conscious of caring for the planet.

Some interesting data about the pollution from petrol-power-car.

  • 91% of the population lives in places where air quality exceeds the recommended pollution limits.
  • Our current mobility model is one of the main generators of CO2 emissions.
  • Transport accounts for 25% of total greenhouse gas emissions

Alternative Means of Transport

  1. Bus
  2. Train
  3. Electric bike
  4. Electric skate
  5. Bicycle
  6. Walk


Cleaner cities: cycling, electric vehicles and walking are non-polluting options. But they also help to reduce the noise caused by combustion cars.

Helps combat climate change: By reducing or eliminating the emission of polluting gases, it also helps to curb other problems such as the greenhouse effect and global warming that are causing climate change.

Improves mood and reduces stress: Cycling or walking helps to reduce the emotional impact of tension and stress generated by the pace of everyday life.

Memory benefits: As aerobic testing, the physical activity derived from walking or cycling increases blood flow to very specific parts of the brain, which helps to maintain good memory and mental activity.

Quality of sleep: Taking advantage of the daily commute to move your body and maintain an active lifestyle can be very beneficial for getting a good night’s sleep. Because through testing, various hormones are secreted that increase physical and mental relaxation. In addition, it helps to stop daily worries, because it is an activity that requires concentration, thus relieving the mental burden. All this contributes to a better quality of sleep and, as a whole, improves emotional well-being.

Prevents obesity and controls cholesterol levels: helps to control or reduce weight and thus prevent obesity.

Strengthens all muscles: although we might think that these activities only strengthen the leg muscles, the truth is that pedalling, walking and even riding an electric scooter activate the muscles of the buttocks, quadriceps and calves. But also the front part of the hips, as well as the abdominal muscles for balance.

In short, take the opportunity to change your mode of transport, thinking about the planet health and your own health. 🤍


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