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Product Information File

What is the Cosmetic Product Information File (PIF)? The Product Information File is the key document required before placing a product on the European market. The dossier gathers all the technical documents related to the …


La auditoría se caracteriza por depender de varios principios. Estos principios deberían ayudar a hacer de la auditoría una herramienta eficaz y fiable en apoyo de las políticas y controles de gestión, proporcionando información sobre …

Another year of achieving our objectives

Wow, what a year!! 🚀🎄 🎇

SHAPYPRO sincerely thanks for the working relationship in 2022; we hope it has been a rewarding year and we would like to face the years to come with serenity, certain of mutual collaboration.

2022 has been another exciting and challenging year for all of us. We are proud and grateful for our continued growth. On behalf of the SHAPYPRO team, we send a big thank you to our #clients and trusted #partners, exciting #projects, and, of course, our own incredible #colleagues.

We wish you a prosperous, healthy, happy and safe Christmas Holidays and an even better 2022!


We continue invest in growth, we are totally sure that is the only way to offer profesional and quality services to our clients.

Thanks to all of them, we set our comitment with our mission is offering a value service that assurance trust results in productive process, which endorse and protect product or services offered by our clients, through sustainable environmental relationship.

Contributed on this way to the sustainable developing and the promotion of environmentally friendly processes.Read more“NEW FACILITIES”