Committed ISO/IEC 17043 requirements

Committed ISO/IEC 17043 requirements

SHAPYPRO is committed to the requirements of #ISO/IEC 17043 regarding the planning and execution of proficiency tests.

The proficiency testing provider should:

  • ✅ identify and plan those processes that directly affect the quality of the proficiency testing program and should ensure that they are carried out in accordance with described procedures;
  • ✅ have access to the necessary experience and expertise in the relevant field of testing, as well as in statistics;
  • ✅ establish and implement a procedure to ensure that proficiency test items are prepared in accordance with the plan described;
  • ✅ establish and implement procedures to ensure the proper procurement, collection, preparation, preparation, handling, storage, and, where required, the final disposition of all proficiency test items;
  • ✅ develop statistical designs based on the nature of the data (quantitative or qualitative, including ordinal and categorical), the statistical assumptions, the nature of the errors and the expected number of outcomes;

We are specialistic in Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics efficacy test according to #EN14885 Application of European Standards for chemical disinfectants and antiseptics.

Coming soon PT under #EN14476 #EN13624 #EN13697.

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