Proficiency Testing Criteria

Proficiency Testing Criteria

Most important Proficiency Testing Criteria

✅INTEGRITY: Always act professionally, ethically, honestly and with integrity. Maintain impartiality during the audit, and be fair in your findings. Be sensitive to any influence that may be exerted on your judgement.

✅IMPARCIALITY: Results, findings and reports must reflect the activities accurately, precisely and accurately

✅PROFESSIONALISM: Exercise the degree of due diligence appropriate to the importance of the tasks and the trust placed in you by the organisation and other stakeholders.

✅CONFIDENTIALITY: Be discreet in the use and protection of information you acquire during a programme. This includes the handling of sensitive or confidential information.

✅INDEPENDENCE: Maintain objectivity throughout the technical process, regardless of the activity or function being assessed. Remain free from bias and conflict of interest to ensure that findings and conclusions are based solely on evidence.

It should focus on issues that ensure the technical competence of the organisation to perform a successful trial

How do we do it? 🤔

The way we conduct and interact with all participants is fundamental to its success.

✔️In strict compliance with the applicable regulatory requirements.

✔️Always motivated

✔️ Always with a proactive and positive attitude

✔️ Always being sympathetic and open-minded to each participant’s particular situation

✔️ Always being fair to the other participants

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