Today it’s time to talk about us…

Today it’s time to talk about us…

We have been working in a laboratory accredited under ISO 17025 requirements in some of the biocidal efficacy standards for years and in our experience, we found it difficult to find a PT supplier. 👨🔬👨💻👩🔬⚗🧪🧫🧬

For this reason, when our stage in the accredited laboratory ended, we thought of working in the SHAPYPRO project, in order to facilitate intercomparisons to laboratories developing tests under biocidal efficacy standards. 💡

What do we offer that sets us apart from our competitors? 🤔


We are committed to meeting the established agenda🗓✔, so that participating laboratories can count on an accurate date for their results and thus successfully plan the preparation on their follow-up audits or renewal of their accreditation. 👍🧐

We are committed to a job well done, with honesty, seriousness and transparency. 🤝

If you decide to work with us, you will not regret it.

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